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Breedlove Transformative Movement

March 4th, 2016|0 Comments

My Vision As a visionary in the field of personal embodiment, I plan to transform the health and wellness industry. I intend to leave a legacy of  joy, freedom, love of movement and self-accountability as [...]

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Sarah Breedlove
Breedlove Transformative Movement


Studio Location

103 W 26th Ave., Suite 180
North Kansas City, MO 64116

My Vision

Above all, I am focused on fully embodying the role of “creator” in the story of my life. As a conscious creator, I plan to transform the health and wellness industry. I offer a legacy of “unconditional love” and self-accountability as the foundation for individual and community health. I combine the best of my personal and professional experience of human anatomy, movement mechanics, self-mastery and meditative healing in support of revolutionizing the way we care for ourselves and communities.

I travel the Midwest region and lead both educational and experiential workshops on Conscious Transformation and wellness care in private practices, corporate offices, and community centers. Additionally, I am creating a new wave of human movement educators, body workers, medical practitioners, or healers that practice conscious living and authentic connection with those they serve. With each travel experience I create, I joyfully engage in the active communities of dance, arts, movement, and recreation.

I had a lot of pain in my joints. I was very frustrated with the chronic lower pain I was experiencing- the movement has helped that. I think my faith is stronger since starting the mind training. I am more open to the journey of life.

I was impressed with Sarah’s amazing upbeat, spirited energy. She is confidently powerful in her demeanor, yet calm and collected all at the same time. That made me feel that I was taking the right path.

I’m able to workout again. My posture has improved greatly and I’m more aware of how I’m holding my body during the day. I’m freed from relying on a chiropractor and relying on massage to be able to function.